IT (Inspector of Treats) Manager

What I Do All Day

As the IT (Inspector of Treats) Manager at Red Bike Advisors, I’m constantly checking for food breaches. I also continuously monitor and assess opportunities for head scratches.

My Specialty

As a Mini Poodle, I have mastered the craft of being the perfect mix between sweet and sassy. 

My Superpowers

I’m a serial napper! The average Poodle sleeps between 12-16 hours per day. 

When I’m Not at Work

I love going on walks and sniffing every blade of grass that I walk by. I also love hanging out with my fur-cousins, and getting into trouble with them. 

The Bottom Line

“As a rescue dog, I thank my lucky stars for being matched with my permanent human, but I also think Karissa lucked out just as much as I did! It’s time to do my daily treat… I mean virus scan. Got to go! “