Expert Consulting on Complex Financial Fraud & Litigation

Leverage the experience and insight of our forensic accountants in and out of the courtroom.

From divorce cases to business partner disputes to insurance claims, the business of law is intertwined with the science of accounting. If you’re an attorney or business professional dealing with a complex case, you may face some of these case challenges:

Drowning in Docs

Literal and metaphorical boxes stuffed with financial documents.

More than Words

The numbers tell the story but you can’t quite read them.

Inability to Testify

Argue? Yes. Serve as your own expert witness? No.

Forensic Accounting: A Highly Specialized Field

total fraud & forensic accounting companies in the U.S. (IBISWorld)
total accounting companies in the U.S. (IBSWorld)
Less than 6% of accounting firms have fraud and forensic expertise (IBSWorld)
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Introducing Red Bike Advisors Fraud Investigation & Forensic Accounting Services

Expert Opinion Backed by Research

Our highly-credentialed and trained team applies professional forensic accounting standards, experienced analysis, and extensive research to each case.

Rigorous Investigation & Analysis

We’re practiced at identifying relevant information and key financial documents, then analyzing and distilling the information down into dynamic reports tailored to the case and type of engagement.

Clear and Confident Communication

Through every phase of the case, including mediation, arbitration or court testimony, we clearly and confidently communicate complex issues and their impact. Clients get peace of mind and the confidence of a fair outcome.

Our Fraud & Forensic Expertise at Red Bike Advisors

Highly Credentialed

Staff CPAs with CFF, CFE, CDFA credentials

Deep Expertise

Hundreds of expert witness engagements completed

How Expert Forensic Accounting Services Substantiates Your Cases

Without Forensic ConsultingWith Forensic Consulting
Document ProcessingCast a wide net for any and all relevant documentsSurgical identification of key documents and custodians
to verify accuracy & completeness
AnalysisLate nights at the office slogging through financial
docs when your expertise is words
Hand over financial documents and receive curated,
dynamic reports
for discussion
ReportingCoach your client to discuss complex financial mattersBring in a highly-credentialed financial expert as expert witness
Peace of MindUnsure if you missed important numbers
or nuances around the numbers
Confidence in knowing experts in complex forensic
issues are on your side

What Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it: hear directly from some of the 400+ clients who trust us with their finance & tax strategy.

Who are Red Bike Advisors Forensic Accounting Services for?

Our Focus Areas

Based out of our firm’s Wilmington, N.C., location, our forensic accountant and fraud investigators have worked on cases for clients all over the United States, primarily throughout the southeast and east coast.


Family Law

• Document discovery
• Determining Income for Alimony or Child Support
• Identifying Hidden Assets
• Tracing Separate Assets / Source of Funds Rule
• Lifestyle Analysis / Financial Standard of Living
• Equitable Distribution Scenarios
• Liquidity / Negative Cash Flow analysis
• Tax Consequences of Equitable Distribution, Proposed Settlements, and Support Scenarios

Fraud Prevention

• Fraud Risk Assessments
• Enhancement of Internal Controls
• Monitoring and Enhancing Existing Compliance Programs

Fraud Detection

• Asset Missappropriation
• Financial Statement Misrepresentation
• Corruption and Other Illegal Acts

Litigation Support

• Civil Ligtation
• Criminal Defense

Economic Damage Calculations

• Fraud and Embezzlement
• Breach of Contract
• Tort Claims
• Business Interruption
• Employment Disputes

Insurance Investigations

• Assist Special Investigation Unit (SUI) with Complex Financial Issues
• Assist with Financial Aspects of Examination Under Oath
• Storm Recovery

Insurance Claims

• Quantify Economic Damage
• Prepare Recommendations for Claim Payments

Special Accountings, Tracing and Reconstructions

• Compliance, Financial, or Operational Issues
• Internal Fraud & Misappropriation
• Inaccurate Reporting

Representative Cases and Projects