Take the Surprise and the Stress out of Taxes

Start proactively planning and save strategically on taxes.

Ah, taxes. Such a special time of year, when you send several gigabytes’ worth of documents to your tax preparer and brace yourself for the bad news on how much you owe (or worse, try to labor through those time-sucking tax forms yourself). Any of this sound familiar?

Communication Black Hole

Why won't my tax provider answer my calls and emails till January?

Cash Panic

Do I have enough cash to cover the tax bill this quarter?

CPA Sticker Shock

When you ask your accountant a quick question and get a giant bill after.

Lost in Translation

What’s my tax advisor saying anyway? I don’t understand these acronyms.


What tax breaks am I missing and don’t know to ask about?

Don’t let the tax code scare you; make it work for you.

Small business owners spend approximately 82 hours annually on tax compliance (IRS)
IRS hourly paperwork compliance burden is over six billion hours. (National Taxpayers Union Foundation)
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So what separates businesses that win the tax game from those that lose?

Introducing Red Bike Advisors Tax Strategy & Filing Services

Planning & Advisory

With annual strategic tax planning sessions and year-round ad-hoc support, you’ll never be left waiting till April to talk to your accountant and understand your tax liability.

Preparation, Filing & Representation

We offer planning, advising, preparation and filing for your business and family. And should you need taxing authority representation in case of an audit, we’ve got you.

Breakaway Business Tax Packages

Customize your accounting & tax service package with add-on services including virtual CFO, budgeting, M&A support, and more.

Plans Built for Small and Growing Businesses

Who are Red Bike Advisors Tax Strategy & Filing Services for?

A True Investment

Red Bike Advisors Tax Strategy & Filing Services aren’t a cost center, but a “sleep well at night” center. 

Do It Yourself
Traditional Accountant
Red Bike Advisors
  • Complex, frustrating tax code
  • Messy books = messy taxes and missed deductions
  • Time-consuming and not your core strength
  • “Don’t know what you don’t know” about potential savings or pitfalls
  • Worried about an audit
  • Annual check-in to send over paperwork
  • No strategic planning throughout the year
  • Bills by the hour or less every time you call
  • Talks to you like you understand the tax code (LOL)

Tax Strategy & Filing Services

  • Annual strategy sessions so you can plan and save
  • Ad-hoc year round advisory
  • Helps you use the tax code strategically to consider business decisions in light of tax implications

Average annual investment: $7,500


Peace of Mind: Priceless!

Our Process

Every business has a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting rhythm. In our lifecycle for Tax Strategy and Filing, we cycle through the full calendar year as your strategic partner.


Strategic tax planning sessions with your Red Bike Tax Advisor team to optimize tax savings and estimate quarterly liability


Year-round ad-hoc support and consulting from your Red Bike Tax Advisor team

Prep & Filing

On-time preparation and filing of federal and state tax returns for your business and family


Taxing authority representation in case of an audit (tax controversy and resolution)

What Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it: hear directly from some of the 400+ clients who trust us with their finance & tax strategy.
Red Bike Advisors Financial Fitness Framework

Clean books and a robust tax strategy are the foundation of a strong financial position. And if you really want to break away from the pack of competition, layer in strategic financial planning with our Virtual CFO services.

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