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Let the tax resolution experts at Red Bike Advisors help you resolve IRS and state tax problems.

It’s downright scary to get a letter from the IRS or your state taxing authority, but it happens to people every day. If you’re behind on income or payroll taxes but haven’t yet gotten a letter, it’s only a matter of time.

Unpaid Back Taxes

Falling behind on quarterly payments or not filing at all

Payroll Tax Problems

Not enough cashflow to make payroll taxes

Compounding Penalties

Years of unfiled returns add up fast

Paycheck Takeover

IRS can garnish your wages to fund back tax payment

Seizure of Property

From house and car to business assets

Stress and Anxiety

Ignoring tax problems hoping they’ll go away (they won’t)

The Truth About IRS Tax Issues

IRS assessed civil penalties in 2022
$ 0 B
IRS Appeals cases closed in 2022
0 K
paid by taxpayers in installment agreements in 2022
$ 0 B

No matter what tax issue you're facing, our team of experts can help.

Certified Tax Resolution Specialists

CPAs and EAs authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS

$ Millions Resolved

Tens of millions of dollars in tax debt resolved by our team

Thousands of cases Resolved

Thousands of cases resolved by our team

Don't Put It Off: Making the appointment is the first step to relief.

Without Tax ResolutionWith Tax Resolution
Mail CallIRS notices, state tax agency notices piling upNotices resolved–no more dreading postal delivery
Liens & LeviesIRS puts a lien or levy on your paycheck and propertySettlement and payment plan negotiated on your behalf
PrivacyIRS calls or visits your workplace or homeQualify to buy a house, get a loan, and receive social security again
Peace of MindBury your head in the sand and ignore the growing problemGet straight with the government and move forward with your life

Introducing Red Bike Advisors Tax Controversy & Resolution Services

Free Consultation

Just picking up the phone and making the appointment is the hardest step in this process. Our experienced team can translate the lingo and acronyms and help you navigate a scary situation.

Flat, Transparent Pricing

In your free strategy session, we uncover your exact situation and propose a complete solution to help you resolve your tax issues and get back in good standing with the government. No hidden costs, upcharges, or billing in six-minute increments.

Proven Methodology

We’ve done this hundreds of times and have a time-tested approach to resolving your issues. Our team is credentialed, qualified, and authorized to represent you in front of the IRS and state tax authorities.

Real Stories. Real Relief.

Our clients’ privacy is of the utmost importance to us, but these are true stories of how we’ve helped our clients resolve their tax issues and move on with their lives. 

Tax Issues We Help You Resolve

When it comes to resolving your tax issues, you want to work with an experienced team that clearly understands the issues, has deep knowledge of the rules both statutorily and procedurally, knows how to apply those rules to your specific situation, and can bring your case to a reasonable conclusion. We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and business owners to resolve the following issues:

Start resolving your tax issues today.

You deserve peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Controversy & Resolution

Call or email us immediately so we can help. We’ll do a free consultation to assess your situation and get you on the path to resolution. The sooner the better–if you wait, some resolution options may not be available.

Possibly. Our specialized team understands the inner workings of the IRS and various state departments of revenue and taxation, and exactly what relief methods are available to you. We speak the language of the IRS, know what programs apply to your situation, and act as your advocate to the tax authority.

Each case is different, but once we’ve evaluated your situation in our free consultation, we’ll provide you with transparent fixed fee pricing that won’t change as we move toward resolution. What we often hear from our clients is that the relief after working through tax issues is priceless! 

Each case is different, but generally speaking most tax controversy cases are resolved within 6-18. Once we assess your situation in your free consultation, we’ll be able to give you an approximate timeline. Rest assured, we’ll work swiftly to resolve your case with the taxing authorities. 

Remember when you were a kid and you got caught doing something, and your parents said some version of “it’s only worse for you now because we caught you and you didn’t tell us up front”? Same thing when it comes to avoiding taxes: It’s much better to clear up and clean up before you get a notice, not after. We can help you get on the path to getting current on your taxes and leaving behind the stress of wondering when–not if–you’ll get caught.


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